A Sad Story

Sadire was created by Dan Hoban during a period of his life where he was struggling heavily with depression. Sadire was a way for him to deal with some of those negative thoughts, and It started quite literally as "a sad kid going to his local t-shirt shop and putting his emotional poems on a shirt" and then quickly evolved into something much more. Sadire stands for Sad Attire and Satire and is a way of using humor and honesty to talk about sadness.

Our Products

Each piece of clothing has its own story. Sadire products are all born from a feeling, a thought, an emotion. Sadire was born from caring too much about things, and that is instilled in the philosophy of everything Sadire makes and does. In a world that doesn't care about anything Sadire cares.

Our Mission

Sadire's mission is to make the world a better place.... to be sad in. Sadness is an integral part of being human. We want to remove the stigma that sadness is an emotion that should be looked down upon, and we hope to give it a sense of normality ironically hoping that it may lead people to being happier.